Bridging Visa

Bridging Visa

Non- Australian citizens present in Australia may be eligible for a Bridging Visa.

Bridging Visas are not substantive visas but provide temporary lawful status in Australia for the visa
holder in certain circumstances, such as:

  • While awaiting a decision to grant or refuse a substantive visa;
  • Awaiting the outcome of a review of a decision; or
  • While making arrangements for their departure from Australia.
  • Further, bridging visas are also a way for a person to be released from immigration detention
    and also work to keep a person lawful while they are sorting out their affairs in anticipation
    of leaving Australia.
    The bridging Visa applied for and granted will largely depend on the applicant’s
    circumstances at the time of application. There are several classes and subclasses of bridging
    visas. There are currently seven bridging visa (BV) subclasses:


  • Bridging visa A – BVA – (subclass 010)
  • Bridging visa B – BVB – (subclass 020)
  • Bridging visa C – BVC – (subclass 030)
  • Bridging visa D (BVD) – (subclass 040 and 041)
  • Bridging visa E (BVE) – (subclass 050 and 051)




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